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Flue HQ Limited are delighted to have been selected for phase two of the 25 North Colonnade Project in Canary Wharf.

25 North Colonnade has been undergoing a refurb after its former occupants (The Financial Conduct Authority) since moved offices. The comprehensive refurbishment which will remodel the receptions north and south, will feature an exciting Market Hall in the lower levels of the building. The space plans to be used for all, having multiple uses throughout the daytime and evening and will also be scheduling pop-up attractions and events.

Our part of the works include the design, supply, installation and pressure testing of the flue systems which will be serving 1No GE. PK.1125.BF+011 Generator.

The product range to suit this application would be our AD, Twin Wall Insulated Flue Pipe, this product range is constructed from an inner wall of 0.5mm grade AISI 316L Stainless Steel and a 0.5mm grade 304 external wall.

Our AD product gives a positive pressure resistance of up to 5000Pa and a continuous high temperature capability of up to 1000° at 5000 pascals independently tested to BS476: Part 24 for 4 Hours.

We look forward to working with an repeat client on this project which will be going ahead very soon. If you require more information then please contact us on: 01213 929 141 or

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