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Flue HQ Secures Order for Generator Flue System at SGIS St Gobain Offices

Introduction: In an exciting development for Flue HQ, a leading provider of high-quality flue systems, they have recently secured a significant order to install a generator flue system for a Perkins generator 1206A-E70TAG3 at SGIS St Gobain offices. This achievement marks a milestone for both companies, demonstrating their commitment to innovation and sustainability. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of this collaboration, highlighting the significance of this project and the benefits it offers.

Background: SGIS St Gobain is a prominent name in the construction industry, specializing in providing innovative solutions for sustainable buildings. Their commitment to reducing their environmental impact aligns perfectly with Flue HQ's expertise in delivering energy-efficient flue systems. The collaboration between the two organizations holds promise not only for the successful completion of this project but also for future partnerships.

Flue HQ's Expertise: Flue HQ has built a strong reputation for its expertise in designing, manufacturing, and installing bespoke flue systems for various industrial applications. With a focus on sustainability and compliance with industry standards, Flue HQ offers a wide range of flue solutions that enhance energy efficiency and reduce emissions. Their team of experienced professionals ensures every project meets the specific requirements of the client, providing efficient and reliable solutions.

The Generator Flue System: The recent order secured by Flue HQ involves the installation of a generator flue system for a Perkins generator 1206A-E70TAG3 at SGIS St Gobain offices. This generator flue system is designed to efficiently channel exhaust gases away from the generator and disperse them safely into the environment. By implementing an appropriate flue system, the overall performance and longevity of the generator are enhanced, ensuring optimal functioning while minimizing any negative environmental impacts.

Sustainability and Compliance: Both Flue HQ and SGIS St Gobain are committed to sustainability and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations. The generator flue system provided by Flue HQ is designed to meet stringent emissions standards, minimizing the release of harmful gases into the atmosphere. This commitment to sustainable practices aligns perfectly with SGIS St Gobain's mission to create a more sustainable built environment.

Future Prospects: The successful collaboration between Flue HQ and SGIS St Gobain at the SGIS St Gobain offices opens up opportunities for future partnerships. The innovative approach demonstrated by Flue HQ, combined with SGIS St Gobain's commitment to sustainability, creates a strong foundation for further collaboration in implementing energy-efficient solutions for the construction industry.

Conclusion: The securing of an order by Flue HQ for the installation of a generator flue system at SGIS St Gobain offices is a significant achievement for both companies. This project showcases the expertise of Flue HQ in delivering sustainable flue solutions while aligning with SGIS St Gobain's commitment to environmental stewardship. By implementing an efficient generator flue system, SGIS St Gobain will not only comply with regulations but also enjoy long-term benefits such as improved generator performance and reduced maintenance costs. This collaboration sets the stage for future endeavors in creating sustainable solutions for the construction industry.

If you would like to explore further information on Flue HQ's range of generator flues or discuss your specific requirements, we invite you to visit our website at Our website provides detailed insights into our products, services, and expertise in delivering tailored flue solutions. Additionally, our dedicated team is available to assist you with any inquiries.

Feel free to contact us at our office number, 01213929141.

We look forward to serving you and meeting your generator flue system needs.

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