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We are thrilled to announce that we have been selected to provide the design, supply, installation, access and roofing works for the flues at Dartford Energy Centre. This particular Farm is part of the grain industry and is responsible for the growth of cereals, leguminous crops and oil seeds.

The flues we have specified are our DW Twin Wall Flue to serve 2no. 1mW biomass boilers which will be holding producing exhaust gas of up to 600°. The two 450mm internal diameter flues will be insulated with 37.5mm of mineral wool which is packed at 128kg/m and will be 4 hour fire rated.

We will be starting the works for this project on Wednesday 16th December and we are expecting a total of 5 days to complete. we very much look forward to working on this exciting project with a new client.

For more information, enquiries or for a free quote please contact us on:

01213 929 141

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