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Order Received - Park Inn, Walsall (Commercial Condensing Flue Systems)

Flue HQ are excited to announce that we have received an order for the Park Inn Hotel in Walsall. For the design, supply, and installation of the above project, we will be supplying access to the roof by form of scaffold or articulated boom lift, complete builders works in the roof and 5" slab using a core drill where required to accommodate our flue.

We have also been contracted to make good of builders works and roof works and completely weatherproof hole made by FHQ operatives.

This is a fast turn around project as the order was received on 5/10/20 and will be completed 14/10/20.

For more information or for assistance with a project like this, please get in touch with us by calling 01213 929 141 or emailing

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