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We are thrilled to announce that Flue HQ have received another order for a commercial flue installation which will be going ahead the beginning of next week.

Our qualified engineers will be fitting our Twin Wall Insulated Flue Pipe to serve 2No. 200kw Ideal Imax Xtra Boilers. We chose Twin Wall Flue Pipe as this range of flue is suitable for condensing boiler's.

We have designed the Flue system after attending Rose Court for a site survey where we take all necessary measurements and perform our practicality study. during this survey we also note any health and safety issues and specify any access that will be required and for this particular install we will be supplying access in the form of a 2.5m podium.

Our design team have also supplied our engineers with a CAD drawing to use when on site.

We very much look forward to starting the works for Rose Court and are pleased that they have selected us for this install.

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