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Tottenham Commercial Flue Systems - One Station Square, Order Received - (Flue HQ)

We're pleased to present the next best project in an exciting line of upcoming contracts, secured by Flue HQ.

We present "One Station Square". Flue HQ has been selected to provide design, supply, installation and pressure testing of the condensing and generator flue systems for this luxury new-build.

One Station Square is just a single project in a long line of ambitious projects forecast for 2020 and 2021 in Tottenham. On the site of a former garage, One Station Square will deliver 117 Shared Ownership and 11 private sale homes. This will be one of the first development to be delivered as part of the Tottenham Hale dynamic Masterplan. The new building will offer a collection of beautifully designed One, Two- and Three-bedroom affordable apartments, with a priority to buyers who live or/and work in Haringey.

This 23 storey tower required over 200m of stainless steel flue for the heating appliances and emergency generator system.

Our trained installation engineers will spend over 100 man hours on this project ensuring all systems are installed to all British standards and guidelines.

We were selected to complete this project due to our competitive pricing strategy and expected turnaround time for the project, along with our ability to negotiate the correct deal for both parties.

A better solution... The boiler flues will be travelling a fair way in horizontal flue, almost 15 metres! When installing condensing flue, it's imperative to ensure a good fall back to the boilers for the unwanted condense to make it's way back to an allocated drain point.

Our engineers have designed and ordered for manufacture specialist flue components to ensure that the height in the plant room is maximised whilst maintaining a good fall back to drain points.

We look forward to working alongside a brand new client on this project and will update once the project is complete.

Our engineers are planned to commence works within the next 2 weeks!

For any more information or assistance on a flue system of any kind, please get in touch by calling 01213 929 141 or email us on

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