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Cambridgeshire Flue System & 15m Structural Mast, (Order Received by Flue HQ)

Flue HQ Limited are delighted to have been selected to undertake the design, supply & installation of the mast & associated flue works at Volmary Ltd, St Mary's in Wisbech.

Volmary is an international, independent family-owned company with its headquarters in Germany. The company began in 1925 and their focus remains on their wise range of all-season vegetables and herb plants.

Flue HQ engineers have worked closely with the M&E contractor to provide all necessary information about attenuation, flue diameter, mast thickness, and build-up, bolt cage design, flue pipe insulation thickness, and more.

The mast selected for the project is a Full Eurocode design and CE marked mast structure to EN1090 EXC3.

All the components of the mast and flues are adequately bonded with copper bands, the base plates have been supplied with 2 No earth connection points and/or the gussets are drilled to suit. All earthing points will comply with BS EN 62305

the 508mmØ 8mm thick steel free-standing mast will support our 450mmØ flue pipe that is serving 1no. 2MW+ biomass boiler. The mast selected will be in colour 'Goosewing Grey'.

Flue mast and flue will be designed to look like the below:

Actual site pictures to follow, the installation date is Week 31.

For more information, or if we can help with a project that you are working on at the moment, please contact our team of engineers on the following:

Midlands HQ: 01213 929 141

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