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Generator Exhaust Systems by Flue HQ Limited

Flue HQ design, supply & install generator flue systems nationwide.


The products selected by Flue HQ Limited are always of the highest quality, manufactured by specialist distributors within the UK and Europe.


All of our distributors and manufacturing partners must comply with our strict qualification processes and must hold all relevant ISO registrations, ISO:9001, ISO:14001 and ISO:45001

Our generator flue systems are a modular twin wall insulated exhaust system capable of pressures up to 5,000Pa and temperatures up to 600°C.


Our generator systems are specifically designed to suit (diesel) engine applications such as e-generators, power gensets and uninterupted power supply.


Generator silencers are also available across the range of flue systems to suit all Db requirements.



Gas / Diesel Engines, Emergency power gensets

Industrial processes

High pressure exhausts

High temperature plant


Inner and Outer Wall from high quality Stainless Steel

No thermal bridges; better heat protection

Stress free expansion

Fast & Simple installation

A range of steel thicknesses available to meet all applications and specifications

Contact an engineer today by either emailing or calling us on 01213 929 141.

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