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HMLR - Commercial Flue System, Nottingham

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Project Name: HMLR

Client: GEP Building Energy Services

Project Manager: Nathan Lawley

Flue HQ Limited were overjoyed to have been selected to carry out flue installations for

HMLR. Flue HQ completed the design, supply and installation at HMLR Land registry office in Nottingham.

The original flue dilution system at HMLR Nottingham was designed around an atmospheric application that required an upgrade to a condensing boiler system. The new system required a re think from the design team at FLUE HQ as a 3 degree fall was required to allow for any internal condensation to run off to a cap end with a drain point attached.

The client also requested a means of reducing the plume effect on the outside of the building.

This was overcome by the installation of a specially designed plume management filter this in turn required a bespoke stainless steel bifurcated fan to be built to compensate for the filters resistance. The completed system has been commissioned and all the design problems outlined at the start have been over come to our clients approval.

Our part of the works were to design, supply, install and test the flue system serving 2no. PVC110c Boilers and 1no. atmospheric andrews 65/173 water heater. Flue HQ Limited completed the works within the time scale and within budget. we worked closely with M&E company to ensure the project was completed swiftly and safely.

Our DW product gives a positive pressure resistance of up to 200Pa and a continuous high

temperature capability of up to 600° at 200 pascals independently tested to BS476: Part 24 for 4 hours.

For Further information on the products and services used on the project you can contact us on or call us on 01213 929 141

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