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Flue HQ has successfully completed another commercial flue install!

We were recently selected for the design, supply, installation and final weathering of the roof at Midway House in Perry Barr.

Our engineers futureproofed the flue to match 2no. Wessex Modumax mk3, 195kw condensing boilers as the previous flue fitters did not install the systems to the required standard which resulted in the system failing before its time. You can see the before pictures in our 'Midway House - Order Received' article.

The product range we selected to suit this application was our MF Twin Wall Insulated Flue Pipe which has a positive pressure resistance of up to 200Pa.

Our MF range has a continuous high temperature capability of up to 600° at 200 pascals independently tested to BS476: Part 24 for 4 Hours.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with our client on this project and are pleased we met our clients expectations for a high standard of work which is always our top priority.

If you would like more information on this project you can contacts us on: 01213 929 141 or

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