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Flue HQ Limited are thrilled to have received the order for Eaton Hydraulics in Warwick. Our part of the works for this project are to design, supply and install 1No. commercial flue system and also supply access in the form of a cherry picker which will be used for both inside and outside roof access.

Furthermore we will be replacing the flue system and will install new flue components inline with the clients manual. We will also be reusing the Single to Twin adaptor that came with the heater originally.

The product range we have selected to serve 1No.CHB Powermatic NV50 - F1

is our Twin Wall Insulated Flue Pipe, this product range is constructed from an inner wall of 0.5mm grade AISI 316L Stainless Steel and a 0.5mm grade 304 external wall. The 25mm void is left open for combustion air to be freely available to the machine. The joints are push-fit complete with a tri-lip inner silicone ring.

This particular client has opted for our annual maintenance package which you can find out more about by contacting one of our friendly team members on:

01213 929 313

We look forward to working with an existing client on this project and are thrilled they have once again selected us to complete the flue works at a project.

For more information or for a free quote you can get in touch today via telephone or email :

01213 929 141

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