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We are overjoyed to have been appointed for the design supply and installation of the flue systems at the new fire station in Theale!

This new fire station is currently under construction and is set to become a tri-service community station offering a shared location for the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service, Thames Valley Police and South Central Ambulance Service. This project has been put together to try and improve the overall speed of response! Completion and opening to be expected by spring 2022!

The system we are designing will be serving 2No. Paramount 5 30-115kw boilers and will be traveling 3.5m horizontally and 1m vertically.

We have selected our MF Twin Wall Flue Pipe for this particular application, this product range is constructed from an inner wall of 0.5mm grade AISI 316L Stainless Steel and a 0.5mm grade 304 external wall. The 25mm void is packed with 128kg/m high density rockwool insulation. The joints are push-fit complete with a tri-lip inner silicone ring for a condensing application.

Our MF product gives a positive pressure resistance of up to 5000Pa and a continuous high temperature capability of up to 600° at 5000 pascals independently tested to BS476: Part 24 for 4 Hours.

We thank Rentec for selecting Flue HQ for this project!

If you require further information or would like a free quote then you can contact us on either 01213 929 141 or

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