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Urgent Covid-19 Rehabilitation Centre, Birmingham - Completed by Flue HQ Limited

Updated: May 3, 2020

Flue HQ Limited are proud to have completed the design, supply & installation of the commercial flue system at Summer Hill House in Birmingham. We applied a very insignificant margin to this project to enable the works to come within the main contractors' budget.

We used the Schiedel MF product on this project to service 3no. Ferello atmospheric boilers. Using our specialist sizing software we sized the flue diameter at 350mm/Ø/400mmØ. The horizontal run consisted of 14m in MF twin wall and a further 7m in the masonry chimney using Schiedel/Metaloterm ME.

Flue HQ personnel worked around the clock designing and preparing for this project as the turn-around time was paramount. From point of order, Flue HQ Limited was able to complete this project from start to finish within 5 days.

Even then the struggle is still far from over. Dr David Hepburn, an intensive care consultant at the Royal Gwent hospital in Newport, wrote on Twitter: “If you end up on ITU [intensive therapy unit] it’s a life-changing experience. It carries a huge cost even if you do get better. As our patients wake up, they are so weak they can’t sit unaided, many can’t lift their arms off the bed due to profound weakness. They need to be taught to walk again, breathe again, and have problems with speech and swallowing.”

We are very proud of all of the team players from all companies that took part in this project and would like to thank Ken Morris & Daniel McPherson from Schiedel/Metaloterm for their assistance, Stephen Lamb from Flue Stax for supplying an urgent component when required. We would also like to thanks Oliver from Summerhill House Team for his assistance on site.

Due to the urgency of the project and lead time required, Our Managing Director Tom Meakin and Senior Contracts Manager Nathan Lawley organised and managed this project. They also got their tools together and used their previous decades of experience to install this project in record time, wearing complete PPE, and undergoing rigorous health and safety checks at certain intervals throughout the day.

For more information about Covid-19 or assistance you can see more information on the government website:

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