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Barnsley Glassworks Flue Design, Supply & Installation

This week Flue HQ Limited have started the design, supply and installation of 6No. individual flue systems for Henry Boot Construction at a project in Barnsley.

We issued 1No. Working AutoCAD drawing to the client outlining our proposed flue route, roof detail, parts list and our scope of works.

Our flues will be serving:

-3No. Strebel S620 – AF XL

-3No. Strebel SW-G 80 Water Heaters

The product selected by our engineers for this project was our pre-fabricated, twin wall, insulated flue system. Our Twin Wall range consists of a 0.4mm internal liner surrounded by 30mm of high density insulation and a 0.4mm 304L outer wall.

For a competitive quotation on an upcoming flue system please contact, alternatively call 01889 359 188


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