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Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Project name: Oakenclough Mill

Project Manager: Nathan Lawley

We are pleased to announce that Flue HQ have completed the install for OEP BUILDING SERVICES at Oakenclough Mill after being selected to design, supply and install the flue system at this poject.

We conducted a site survey a week prior to the install to gather all appropriate measurements and to complete a practicality test, from there our design team produced a CAD drawing which was handed to our Engineers the day of the install.

We used Twin Wall Flue Pipe which served 1No industrial wood burner, we chose this product range as it is constructed from an inner wall of 0.5mm grade AISI 316L Stainless steel and 0.5mm grade 304 external wall. The 25mm void is packed with 128kg/m high density rockwool insulation. Although there are no combustible materials surrounding the flue at this project we are aware that a fire can occur inside any chimney/flue pipe and our twin wall flue will hold a fire for 4 hours which allows ample time to extinguish the fire. It is also important to keep the gases warm so that the flue can convey the products of combustion to atmosphere adequately.

The industrial wood burner was situated too far away from a wall so our Engineers had to span the roof joists to support the flue as it passed through the roof.

Flue HQ supplied and assembled the tower. We also created the hole and did the final weathering in the roof at Oakenclough Mill.

Flue HQ Limited completed the project within 1 day which was within the time scale and also within budget, we worked closely with OEP BUILDING SERVICES to ensure the project was completed swiftly and safely.

We enjoyed working with OEP BUILDING SERVICES on this project and we look forward to any further work with this great team.

For further information on the products and services used on this project you can contact us on or call our West Midlands office on 01213 929 141.

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