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Freestanding Flues.

Designed. Supplied. Installed. Maintained.


State of the art flue design.

We'll carry out the design for you..

Designed in 2D or 3D for your approval.

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Boiler and water heater flues.

Conforming to all regulations. Everytime.

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Energy centre specialists.

Backup generators and chps are our cup of tea.


Complimentary Maintenance

Maintenance to ensure your warranty holds up.


Flue HQ's Commitment to a Greener Future

Reducing our carbon footprint, one tree at a time

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Available in a range of thicknesses to suit all temperatures, flow rates and pressures. Comes with an outer seal for pressure purposes.


Combined heat and power (CHP) is the on-site generation of electricity and the utilisation of the heat that is produced as a by-product.

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Boiler Flue

Our boiler flue for condensing applications comes with an inner silicone joint, with this joint the system is capable of pressures up to 200Pa.

Marine Exhausts

Flue HQ Limited can design, supply & install complete flue systems for all yachts, super-yachts, cargo ships & transporters and cruise liners...

Fan Dilution Systems

Fan/Flue Dilution systems can save time and money and are required when terminating at low level to comply with the CAA and British standards...

Concentric Flue

Multiple low kW domestic boilers in apartments running into a common central vertical stacks will require our condensing flues to draw air from outside...

Design & Management

From design and practicality study to installation and testing. Our project managers will ensure all aspects of the project are completed safely, on time and in budget.

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Masts, Chimneys & Windshields

Whether it is a single mast supported flue, a lattice work support structure, multi flue with windshield or a twin wall mounted support. Flue HQ Limited will have provide the solution...

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Biomass Chimney Systems

Flue HQ Limited serve the farming and agriculture industry by providing pressured flue systems, complete with explosion relief, stabilisation and draught regulating systems. Contact us for a design.

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